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How to make custom patch hats?

By November 30, 2023No Comments

Embroidered patch hats closely resemble standard embroidered hats but offer a contrasting border for logo visibility. Our skilled team will collaborate with you to bring your design to life, ensuring seamless translation onto the hat with exquisite results.


First, make sure your design size is limited to 2.5 to 3 inches wide and height. This size will be proportional on most hat styles. The text size should be at least 0.8 inches big. Anything smaller will be hard to read. How to measure your design guide

Shape Design

Edge: Round, Square, Oval

When it comes to patch shapes and details, we recommend avoiding any design with complex edges. It will be hard to stick and stay permanently onto the hat due to the complex edges. Using shapes like round, square, or oval, and adding merrowing could reinforce the overall durability and give them a vintage look

Border Option

Merrowed is highly recommended. Patches with merrowed edges are more durable and have a vintage aesthetic look to them. It is always easy to be sewn onto hats.

Backing: Hard Plastic Backing or Velcro

Hard plastic backing adds additional support to your patch and gives it a stiff and well-crafted look. It also increases long-term durability. Velcro patches are also a great choice to make your hat patch more versatile. It is ideal for tactical hats.

Hat Choice

We recommend structured shape hats that will give additional support to the patch. Make sure the hat you choose has material thick enough to be sewn on; try to avoid foam hats. The most common types of hats are trucker hats, seven-panel hats, snapback hats, and dad hats.

Patch Factory

Patch Factory, founded in 1985, runs a factory in China and a distribution office in California, excelling in crafting high-quality embroidered and chenille patches at competitive prices as a family-owned business.

Patch Factory
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