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The information provided will guide you through each option and its purpose. For further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Patch Size

Embroidered patch sizes are determined by adding the width and the height then divide that by 2.

H+ W/2 = Patch Szie

Patch Shapes

The most common shapes of embroidery patch are the following.


We have thousands of different colors of thread available for our custom designs. Our threads range in color, material, and texture. If you are unsure which color to use or what material suits your designs, please send us your design and the purpose of its use. We can guide you in choosing the suitable thread for your project.

Embroidery Coverage

Most patches have an embroidery coverage between 75% to 90%

50% Coverage

The overall design and embroidery are 50% or less than 50%. Generally, for simple design such as text-only design or name patches, the most surface is twill background, keeping the patch simple and clean.


75% Coverage

It contains general and basic graphic design and lettering details.


100% Coverage

Every part of patch is fully embroidered. 100% embroidered patches allow detailed and complex designs.

Embroidered Backing


Used for sew-on purposes, these patches can be sewn onto different surfaces. They add support, giving your patch a stiffer look and helping to maintain its shape.


Heat-Seal (Iron-On)

This allows you to easily place the patch permanently on any surface. Simply apply your patch to any garment by using an iron.


Tape (Stick-And-Peel)

Easy to apply on any surface and easy to remove, simply peel off the cover and stick it on any surface. It is recommended for single use only.


Velcro (Hook-And-Loop)

Velcro backing is incredibly versatile, making it easy to remove and apply your patch to a variety of garments such as hats, jackets, backpacks, and more.

Patch Border

Merrowed Border

A merrowed border wraps around the edge of the entire patch, making it ideal for simple shapes such as circles, squares, and rectangles.


Hot Cut Border

It is great for sharp detail edges and is suitable for intricate designs with complex edges.

Special Options

Metallic Thread

If you desire your patch to garner attention, utilizing gold or silver threads can imbue it with a distinct shine and flashiness.


Add Loop

Adding a loop to your patch allows you to hang it from a pin or button, without any sewing or gluing involved.


Add Keychain

Turning your embroidery into the form of a keychain allows you to hang it on keys or other items.


Gradients Effect

Adding a gradient effect color to an embroidery patch can create a visually appealing and dynamic design.


3D Effect Patch

Enhance your design with our exclusive custom 3D puff feature. Elevate your branding and ensure your patch becomes a standout masterpiece with this exceptional choice.


Chenille Patch

A chenille patch refers to a specialized type of embroidered patch made using chenille fabric. Chenille is a type of yarn characterized by its fuzzy and velvety texture. These patches are commonly used for various purposes, including sports team uniforms, letterman jackets, and other personalized apparel.

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